Capitals of the countries in the Balkans region


Capitals of the countries in the Balkans region in photos. This page lists all capital cities in Southeastern Europe with their population and elevation.

Capitals of the countries on the Balkans are all located under 1000 m elevation. Ankara is the city with the highest position – 850 m over the sea level. Podgorica is only 44 m over the sea level.

Ankara also has the biggest population of 3 900 000 people, both with Athens are the biggest capital cities with population over 3 millions people, in comparison with Podgorica which has only 150 000 people. The other big capitals are Bucharest, Belgrade and Sofia with more than 1 million people.

Sofia the capital of Bulgaria

National flag of Bulgaria
Coat of arms of Sofia

Sofia (capital of Bulgaria)
Population: 1 400 000
Elevation: 550 m (1 804 ft)

Athens the capital of Greece

National flag of Greece
Coat of arms of Athens

Athens (capital of Greece)
Population: 3 130 000
Elevation: 70 – 338 m (230 – 1 109 ft)

Ankara the capital of Turkey

National flag of Turkey
Coat of arms of Ankara

Ankara (capital of Turkey)
Population: 3 900 000
Elevation: 850 m (2 789 ft)Bucharest the capital of Romania

National flag of Romania
Coat of arms of Bucharest

Bucharest (capital of Romania)
Population: 1 932 000
Elevation: 60 – 90 m (197 – 295 ft)Zagreb the capital of Croatia

National flag of Croatia
Coat of arms of Zagreb

Zagreb (capital of Croatia)
Population: 785 000
Elevation: 158 m (518 ft)Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coat of arms of Sarajevo

Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Population: 304 000
Elevation: 500 m (1 640 ft)Podgorica the capital of Montenegro

National flag of Montenegro
Coat of arms of Podgorica

Podgorica (capital of Montenegro)
Population: 150 000
Elevation: 44 m (144 ft)Belgrade the capital of Serbia

National flag of Serbia
Coat of arms of Belgrade

Belgrade (capital of Serbia)
Population: 1 630 000
Elevation: 117 m (384 ft)Tirana the capital of Albania

National flag of Albania
Coat of arms of Tirana

Tirana (capital of Albania)
Population: 616 000
Elevation: 110 m (361 ft)Skopje the capital of Republic of Macedonia

National flag of Republic of Macedonia
Coat of arms of Skopje

Skopje (capital of Republic of Macedonia)
Population: 700 000
Elevation: 240 m (787 ft)Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia

National flag of Slovenia
Coat of arms of Ljubljana

Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia)
Population: 268 000
Elevation: 298 m (978 ft)Kishinev the capital of Moldova

National flag of Moldova
Coat of arms of Kishinev

Kishinev (capital of Moldova)
Population: 593 000
Elevation: 85 m (279 ft)Prishtina the capital of Kosovo

National flag of Kosovo
Coat of arms of Prishtina

Prishtina (capital of Kosovo)
Population: 600 000
Elevation: 652 m (2 139 ft)